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Section 5452.227-9005: Restrictions on Use of Boeing Rights Guard Technical Data

As prescribed in 27-402-90(c) insert the following clause:


(a) Technical data furnished herewith (hereinafter Rights Guard technical data) is proprietary to The Boeing Company which has licensed the Government to use same for the procurement of replenishment spare parts for U.S. Government owned aircraft (E-3, E-8 and/or -135 series aircraft) and for no other purpose. Rights Guard technical data shall not be disclosed, in whole or in part, to any other person or entity other than to supplier's bidder's offeror's employees, having a need to know and who are under an obligation to preserve and protect such data under terms and conditions no less restrictive than those imposed herein, and then only for the purposes if responding to this solicitation or performing any resulting contract.

(b) The suppliers/bidders/offerors hereunder are prohibited from

(1) reproducing, in whole or in part, Rights Guard technical data;

(2) incorporating any information contained in such Rights Guard technical data into other documentation; or (3) otherwise utilizing such Rights Guard technical data, except for responding to this solicitation or performing any resulting contract. Each supplier/bidder/offeror shall include the authorized DFARS limited rights legend of 252.227-7013, Rights in Technical Data - Noncommercial Items (NOV 1995), identifying the Boeing Company as the owner, on all Rights Guard technical data that is incorporated, in whole or in part, into any technical data delivered by such supplier/bidder/offeror to the Government in response to this solicitation or as part of the performance of any resulting contract. In the case of the limited rights legend, the Contractor shall indicate such Rights Guard technical data as not being subject to an expiration date, if such date is required by the limited rights legend authorized under its contract.

(c) Rights Guard technical data provided by DLA, including any copies thereof, is to be destroyed according to the following schedule:

(1) Immediately upon decision to "no bid" the solicitation for which the data was received.

(2) Within 30 calendar days of being advised your company was not the successful bidder for the solicitation for which the data was requested and received.

(3) If the contract awardee, within 30 calendar days of contract completion.

NOTE: The DLA ANNUAL Certificate of Destruction DOES NOT IN ANY WAY IMPLY OR PROVIDE AUTHORITY FOR YOUR COMPANY TO RETAIN THE DATA BEYOND THE TIMEFRAMES ESTABLISHED ABOVE. Suspected and actual instances of data retention provided by DLA beyond these timeframes will be reported to The Boeing Company for remedy. Furthermore, failure to comply with this obligation shall be grounds for your removal from the list of qualified bidders for any other solicitation involving Boeing technical data.

(d) The Government and/or the Boeing Company shall have the right to audit supplier's/bidder's/offeror's records to ensure the destruction of Boeing proprietary data. The reviews may be conducted after giving fifteen (15) days written notice in advance of such reviews.

(e) All suppliers shall comply with MIL-STD-130 for the purpose of distinguishing any spare parts made using Boeing Rights Guard technical data.

(f) Prior to requesting the Rights Guard data, an Annual Certification for the Use of Rights Guard Technical Data must be on file at the Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR), DSCR-VAB, ATTN: Rights Guard Program, Richmond, VA 23297-5604. An Annual Rights Guard Destruction Certification must also be on file if your company has received Rights Guard Data and the time of destruction has passed. Forms are available by downloading at, (select “License Agreements”, then ’01 Boeing Rights Guard”).

(End of Clause)

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