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Section 52.209-8: Updates of Information Regarding Responsibility Matters.

As prescribed in 9.104-7(c), insert the following clause:

Updates of Information Regarding Responsibility Matters (Apr 2010)

(a) The Contractor shall update the information in the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS) on a semi-annual basis, throughout the life of the contract, by entering the required information in the Central Contractor Registration database at (see 52.204-7).


      (1) The Contractor will receive notification when the Government posts new information to the Contractor’s record.

      (2) The Contractor will have an opportunity to post comments regarding information that has been posted by the Government. The comments will be retained as long as the associated information is retained, i.e., for a total period of 6 years. Contractor comments will remain a part of the record unless the contractor revises them.

      (3) With the exception of the Contractor, only Government personnel and authorized users performing business on behalf of the Government will be able to view the Contractor’s record in the system. Public requests for system information will be handled under Freedom of Information Act procedures, including, where appropriate, procedures promulgated under E.O. 12600.

(End of clause)

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