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Section 5352.247-9020: F.o.b. Origin, First Destination Transportation.

As prescribed in 5347.304-3(b)(1), insert the following clause, substantially as written, in Section G of solicitations and contracts where the first destination transportation (FDT) for the deliverable items will be transported F.O.B. Origin.


(a) First Destination Transportation (FDT) covers shipment of newly acquired items from the contractor to their first point of usage, storage, or embarkation for items going outside the Continental United States (OCONUS). Shipment of repaired items and all shipments beyond the first point of usage or storage are second destination transportation. FDT costs for items shipped F.O.B. destination are included in the item’s price.
(b) FDT F.O.B. origin costs are not paid on the contract that procures the item, but information referenced in the contract is used in their payment. This information comes from the requiring activity and should be on the purchase request.
(c) The Accounting Classification Reference Number (ACRN) that funds the acquisition of the Contract Line Item Number (CLIN)/SubCLIN must be used to pay for its transportation on the CLINs/SubCLINs listed below. The Miscellaneous Obligation Reimbursement Document (MORD) Number associated with the long line of accounting (LOA) shall be entered into Power Track to fund the transportation charges needed to transport the item.

CLIN/SubCLIN Long Line of Accounting (LOA) MORD Number/MORD ACRN
________ ___________________________ __________________________
________ ___________________________ __________________________
________ ___________________________ __________________________
________ ___________________________ __________________________

(End of Clause)

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